Full Name



Division Manager


Wilmington, NC



I am the Division Manager for a mortgage company in Wilmington, NC and have been involved in the mortgage industry for nearly a decade. I earned my MBA from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and my BS and MS degrees in Engineering from North Carolina State University. Prior to joining the banking and mortgage industries, I held engineering and project management roles with General Motors and Corning Incorporated.

A Little Bit About The Company I Work For

Gateway Bank Mortgage is part of the Gateway Bank & Trust Company that was acquired by the Bank of Hampton Roads in 2009. The bank is a state chartered US Federal Reserve Member Bank and Member FDIC. We currently offer residential home financing assistance throughout much of the Southeastern United States. From fixed rate mortgage programs and ARM products to FHA financing solutions and jumbo loans, we have a home financing solution for almost every borrower out there. We also have a Reverse Mortgage Division which serves borrowers age 62 and over who are interested in accessing the equity that they’ve built in their homes over the years.

If you have any home financing related questions, please do not hesitate to give me a call at 910-452-7283.

NMLS# 119622