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Real Estate Agent and Loan Officer


Phoenix, AZ



Let me introduce myself! I am a man of many passions… I love my beautiful wife and daughter, my family, my job, fast cars, big trucks, photography, the latest and greatest electronics and anything that makes me laugh.
Why would someone trust me to find a perfect house for them? I lived in a household that was focused on buying and selling real estate. My father has been a real estate investor for the last 37 years, I grew up with a mentor that began molding me from the time I was 8 years old.
With over 15 years experience in the Real Estate business as a loan officer, investor, developer, real estate agent and custom home builder, I have the knowledge to help you find the right property. I have an intimate knowledge of the financing world; I know what banks look for, what qualifications they want to see, and how the whole process works.
From first time buyers to the seasoned investor, I have the knowledge to help you. I have been involved with many high-end houses and low-end rentals and have seen it all. The ability to think outside the box with the difficult situations you may come across is one of the things in which I specialize!
I also have an extensive background in land development and custom home building. I know what to look for in the property to make sure the builder knew what they were doing. If there are major renovations that you would like to have done, I have the contacts that will do the best job at a reasonable price. I fight for my clients… let me fight for you.